Ware Housing

Ware Housing

We are one of the top ranked Cargo Logistic companies of Uganda engaged in providing Cargo Services. New Horizon has developed sophisticated warehousing facilities at various locations of the country.

Air Cargo Handling

Air Cargo Handling

At New Horizon Cargo Logistcis , we can meet all your global transportation needs by our best Air Freight Services. Whether you’re shipping medical supplies from any country, or general goods to any part of the globe etc. you can count on us to get your freight where it’s going or coming from on time.

Safe Keeping

Safe Keeping

New Horizon Cargo protects valuable assets such as Money, Gold, Diamonds, and Valuable documents. We use our security devices and other sophisticated machines to protect items of our clients. Due to our protective intelligent, we protect individuals and many companies assets such as Gold companies in Ghana and beyond, Banks records, Online verification system etc.

Track Your Cargo with New Horizon Cargo!

We understand the importance of security and trust in tracking each work integrally
and believe in the power of simple and easy communication and tracking.

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Trust us with you cargo and we shall deliver it on time.

Great Solutions

We handle air Cargo very well.

On-time features

Brands has to reveal something that inspires the people. We do send your cargo with a brand for better tracking.

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We've grown expanded our features, become a multinational. understand the importance of cargo tracking

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